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Welcome to Flours BakeHouse! 

My name is Brianna Williams better known as Chef Bri, and I am the owner and founder of FBH.  

I started FBH after working in the hospitality industry for 13 years. I started from the bottom as a hostess and worked my way through the front-of-house and back-of-house to experience every level of entry job the hospitality industry had to offer. 


FBH is currently serving the best cheesecake and baked goods made from scratch in CT, and is committed to using the best ingredients and serving you fresh delicious, handcrafted baked goods delivered with consistently exceptional customer service. 

All recipes are carefully thought out and executed with a plan. Chef Bri takes the time to create her own recipes, and with the help of her great grandmother "Granny's" recipes, FBH is sure to be a socially responsible community-based success!

Chef Bri is excited to take you along her journey, Thank you for your support, FBH is nothing without community. 

-Flours BakeHouse

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